Diversity & Inclusion: A Common Purpose

From Madison Avenue to Hollywood and all points in between, the issue of Diversity and Inclusion in the communications industry is one of the most buzzed about, studied and evaluated topics in our field.  While significant strides are being made and agencies are becoming increasingly mindful and forward-thinking in their hiring practices, cultural environments, and [MORE]

5 Tips on Creating a Personal Brand

What do Beyoncé, Donald Trump and Kim Kardashian all have in common? No, it’s not a trick question. Love them or loathe them, they’ve each created a strong personal brand for themselves. When their names are mentioned you immediately conjure up an image of what they stand for.

A Fresh Perspective: What My “Unternship” Taught Me

IMG_11961“Get some perspective” is a phrase people toss around a lot. But over the last year, I’ve learned that perspective is a tangible skill that can be cultivated and applied to everyday work. And it’s an undervalued skill that’s made me a more confident person, and as a result, a better employee. It’s been almost nine months since I finished my summer as the first “Untern” at Golin, a global communications agency, and accepted a full-time gig in its Dallas office. The Golin Unternship is a first-of-its-kind, unconventional internship, where I was paid to blog about my road trip of socially-driven adventures before starting my actual job.

10 Things You Need to Know If You Work with Millennials

As a millennial in the communications field, I know how much every brand, organization and corporation wants to get inside our heads. They love us, they hate us, they are fascinated with us – ultimately because they can’t understand us. Honestly, I don’t even understand us half of the time. But, I may be able [MORE]

Confessions of a Recovering Client_2-01 copy

After more than twenty years of in-house leadership experience at various multinational companies, I have had the pleasure of working with incredibly enlightened agencies and internal clients. The opposite, unfortunately, has also been true. Now that I have returned to the world to the agency dynamics as leader of our account teams, I was able to share some observations with my teams on various client persepectives which enable us to work with greater clarity and perspective. [MORE]

Judging the Young Lions

Last week I judged the Cannes Young Lions competition for the U.S. public relations industry. To say it was an honor and totally exciting would be a huge understatement. It was both of those and then some. Our goal at the PR Council is to send a representative U.S. public relations team to the Festival [MORE]

Confessions of a Digital Native: This Year’s Shorty Awards

I had the pleasure of attending the Shorty Awards, honoring the best content creators and producers on social media, for the first time. I was excited to check out the latest in digital and technology. I thought I was the perfect target – a millennial who grew up in the digital age – until I realized there is so much more out there than I even l am even familiar with. Read more.

How Communications Can Empower Women and Improve the Environment

Fred Cook, CEO of Golin, was recently invited to be part of the 60th session of the Commission on the Status of Women at the United Nations, which is responsible for important advances in equality for women and girls. He introduce a panel showcasing companies that are creating new economic opportunities for women around the world that improve the environment. Read more.

Agencies, listen up!  5 SXSW trends you need to know…

SXSW Interactive 2016 is in the books.  Once again, there was no shortage of inspirational talks, cutting edge technology, and creative activations on display to catch the eyes and ears of marketers and communicators alike.  In case you missed it, the PR Council has you covered.  Here are a few of the topics that generated [MORE]

StarPower Impact: A Single Oprah Tweet Rallies Weight Watchers’ Shares

So what’s in a tweet? Just ask Weight Watchers. Entertainment powerhouse Oprah Winfrey tweeted a video last week in which she said she lost 26 pounds thanks to the firm’s weight loss program. Its stock skyrocketed, ending the day up 20% at $13.29 a share. Mind you, she also benefited dearly, as a 6.4-million company shareholder.

What this tells us though, is that a mere 140 characters (although best practice tells you the most effective tweets are under 90 characters) can have tremendous impact. Especially if it gets the “Oprah boost.” More.