PR to Pharma: Up Your Dosage of Social Media

Many pharma companies remain concerned about running afoul of the regulators with their online activities and therefore have not yet fully embraced new channels. However, increasingly patients want and expect them to engage, and those that have are reaping the rewards. This post encourages pharmaceutical companies to overcome entrenched fears about social media and embrace it as a valuable means of broadening engagement and building relationships with customers.

Want to Become Indispensable to CMOs? Help Make Their Jobs Simpler

It’s no great revelation to say that markets or customers are increasingly “complex.” But that’s certainly a strong perception out there right now among Chief Marketing Officers. And public relations firms can help. According to one recent media clipping, CMOs are “overwhelmed” by digital marketing, which amounts to nothing less than a paradigm shift in [MORE]

Stepping Out and Speaking Up — Announcing The Council’s New Positioning

If you read Stuart Elliott’s piece in Wednesday’s New York Times, then you know our big news already: The Council of PR Firms is repositioning both itself and the PR industry. Despite some “behind the Times” references, the article unveiled an exciting development designed to enlighten clients—and especially CMOs and marketers—about the core strengths of [MORE]

Read and Think Like Leaders

Here’s a challenge for you: What are the top three most intriguing new management or leadership ideas you’ve come across in the past month? How about this: What top three macro-economic, social, cultural, or geo-political trends will be affecting your business over the next three to five years? It’s not always easy to stay attuned [MORE]

The Mentors Who Move Us

This piece is dedicated to my late friend and mentor Tom Mackay who taught me a great deal about the business side of running a PR firm.   Before Hilary McKean left for college, she had already learned some valuable lessons. A partner and managing director at Ketchum, McKean recalls that her father built up a [MORE]

Disruption—The Great Summer Debate

Is Clayton Christensen a genius or a scofflaw? That, in exaggerated terms, is the question posed in the course of one of this summer’s most interesting, relevant, and entertaining intellectual dust-ups. Christensen, as many know, is the esteemed author of The Innovator’s Dilemma and other books propounding and refining the theory of disruption. Jill Lepore, a [MORE]