Are you looking for an internship at one of Boston’s top PR firms this summer?

The Council of Public Relations Firms, and its Boston-area member firms, and select colleges and universities are launching an internship program aimed at attracting more ethnically diverse professionals into the public relations profession.

Students from all backgrounds, specifically students of color, have a unique opportunity to contribute to the dynamic and growing field of public relations. At a time when the U.S. population is becoming increasingly diverse, and PR firms and clients are seeking to connect with these audiences and build meaningful and productive relationships, the need to build a diverse talent pipeline has never been greater.

A PR firm is a great place to start and build a career, and internships are the best way to jump start that process. There’s more going on at today’s public relations firms than most students realize. To learn more about the exciting career paths that await you, check out the Council’s Career section, which features several rising stars from around the country, who, in their own words, describe the cultures at America’s leading firms, and the different types of opportunities and clients.

In addition to their individual internships, those students selected for the Council of PR Firms Multicultural Fellowship Program will meet throughout the summer for special workshops and networking events.

If you are looking for a paid internship that can open the door to the Best Creative Job in America, don’t pass up this opportunity!

To learn more about the program requirements and to complete the application form click here

The deadline to submit the application is March 24, 2014.