Renee Wilson
PR Council

renee-wilson_squareI was stopped in my tracks by a headline in a global business magazine: Top CEOs place high value on corporate ethics and social responsibility to drive business.

I was surprised that in the latter half of 2017, CEOs and C-suite execs still need to be sold on the importance of business ethics.

Then I remembered Bell Pottinger’s demise for secretly fanning racially divisive sentiment in South Africa. And Wells Fargo’s severely tarnished reputation, CEO turnover, and $142 million class action settlement for opening unauthorized bank accounts.

I recalled how Volkswagen lied to customers and regulators, impairing its business and destroying trust.

I remembered Takata continuing to sell its airbags in spite of known defects that led to several deaths and the largest safety recall in U.S. history.

Business ethics are a cornerstone of strong enterprises, requiring constant communication and reinforcement within every C-suite.

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