A long-time PR Council partner, Reimagine Gender is an organization dedicated to helping corporations, NGOs, families, and policymakers better understand gender so they can help their communities thrive. Our goal in partnering is to help our Members think beyond the binary and take actions to make our workplaces, counsel and campaigns more inclusive. 

“We seek opportunities to empower the industry’s talent to help shape the world they want to live in,” said Kim Sample, President, PR Council. “Partnering with Reimagine Gender is a wonderful way to help our Members understand all aspects of gender and make choices to be gender inclusive.” 

Through Reimagine Gender, the PRC offers education relevant to agencies, including guidance on understanding pronouns, ways to demonstrate meaningful support for the transgender community, and the role gender plays in all of our life stories. All materials are designed to help individuals and organizations dig deeper and take action to become more gender inclusive. 

“PR organizations have a real opportunity to help shape and create a more gender aware and inclusive world for all of us, where every person is empowered to be their authentic self,” said Lisa Kenney, CEO of Reimagine Gender. “We’re honored to partner with the PR Council for the vital work of expanding how companies think and relate to gender.” 

Partnership Content 

The below content is for Members to use internally and externally. Please credit Reimagine Gender as the source.   

What Your Organization Needs to Know About Gender 

Pronouns 101: A Guide for Organizations 

How the Gender Binary is Impacting Your Business 

Gender Matters Beyond Pride Month 

L&D Opportunity 

Most of us haven’t thought a lot about gender, including how we came to understand it and the influences that have shaped it. Reimagine Gender’s Navigating the New World of Gender to Help Your Organization Thrive breaks this complex topic into an accessible way to think and talk about gender. You’ll learn some of the language you may be hearing in the media, at work, and in family conversations, and explore how gender continues to evolve over time. Finally, the course will provide practical help to utilize this information in everyday work situations and explore the ways in which shifting notions of gender are relevant to meeting the organization’s objectives. Employees and stakeholders can use this knowledge to: 

  • Unlock innovation and creativity 
  • Improve employee and customer retention 
  • Avoid costly mistakes and missteps 
  • Build more inclusive cultures 

By the end of the course, participants will be able to… 

  • Define and explain terms and concepts related to gender 
  • Understand the societal and personal influences that shape gender and how those perceptions impact our interactions with others 
  • Recognize the ways in which understandings of gender are evolving and the implications this has for your organization 

2022 Course Pricing 

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About Reimagine Gender

Reimagine Gender helps organizations, companies, families and policymakers understand gender so that they can help their communities thrive. Our vision is for every person to live fully as their authentic self, without limiting who they are or their potential by trying to fit into narrow and constricting gender norms. We work toward this by educating people about evolving understandings of gender and providing them with resources and tools to actively reimagine gender in their world. To learn more, visit reimaginegender.org or contact info@reimaginegender.org.

Contact Information 

Lisa Kenney, CEO