PRC Employee Resource Group Guidelines

Why is the PRC offering Employee Resource Groups?

PRC believes that improving DEI in our agencies is critical for the future of the business and an ethical mandate. Our members know that the highest-performing teams are the ones that embrace diversity, respecting and valuing the unique strengths and differences in all people, to better deliver solutions for our clients.

Our overall DEI strategy is to help our member agencies create meaningful action plans for their businesses, deliver on the commitments they make in their plans, and encourage transparency/reporting on their progress.

Supporting ERGs is a recognized best practice and many of our members have included ERGs or similar community-building in their action plans. Smaller agencies that are just beginning their DEI work may lack resources to support vibrant communities for under-represented groups, so PRC offers cross-agency ERGs to support these important groups of employees.


PRC Employee Resource Group Goals

Our ERG program is created to serve underrepresented groups within our member agencies, not to PRC nor the participating agencies themselves.

The intent of the groups is to create community and belonging for the participants, foster mentorship between members, provide training on issues of professional importance, and deliver actionable insights for agency leaders.


Operating Principles

PRC Principles

  • PRC teams will work with each ERG to build their mission statement, set and actionize goals, and advice on best practices.
  • PRC will provide financial and administrative support as well as meeting coordination to help the ERG leaders deliver on the needs of the group.

PRC ERG Principles

  • PRC ERGs are to be self-directed to meet the needs of the community.
  • ERG will be given an annual budget for expert speakers, learning and development opportunities, etc.
  • PRC ERGs do not have an obligation to report back to PRC or PRC Member agencies.
  • PRC ERG meetings are not to be led by PRC staff.
  • Allies are welcome to participate in the manner dictated by each ERG but are encouraged to be mindful of their colleagues.
Cross-Agency ERG for Black Professionals

This cross-agency ERG meets monthly.  While all are welcome to take part, the focus is on creating community and providing resources for Black Professionals working in agencies; allies may join to listen and learn.

Please contact Jelani Sparrow to get involved:

Linda Davis
Senior Director, Human Resources
Chanta' Stewart
Manager of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
Schantelle Henry
Program Manager, Inclusion & Diversity