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This is exclusively for PR Council Members.

The worldwide PR industry recognizes September as ethics month and uses the time-period to encourage professionals to update their knowledge of and actions around the ethical responsibilities we have as practitioners. While many ethical considerations have become industry standards -– and are part of the ethical code of conduct our Members sign every year – others may be evolving due to social, regulatory, technological and legal developments. This year, those include artificial intelligence, privacy and racism.

In a country changed by COVID-19 and rocked by social unrest, ethical business decision-making has never been more important. Participants in this course will learn how PR agencies can do more than engender a “reflex of compliance” but instead foster a culture of integrity that shines through the way that we work every single day. You’ll learn how focusing attention on ethical business decision-making is about a mindset and behavior that demonstrate character and principles for individuals, agencies and the industry.

As part of Ethics Month, we aim to train as many US Member employees as possible.  Please encourage your teams to sign up for this training.



Event Details
Sep. 24, 2020
12:00PM - 1:00PM