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Great feedback is the most critical element of performance management. Without it, how can any of us improve? Worse, lack of feedback leads to low morale, disengagement and departures. As a manager of talent, it is your responsibility to learn how to effectively give positive and difficult feedback and to give it often. Join Shirley Grill, leadership coach and consultant on individual and leadership team development, to learn more about the power of feedback, explore the different types of feedback and role-play new techniques (or, for the shy, watch them being role-played). You’ll leave the webinar with immediately actionable tips for both the “giver” and “receiver.”





Shirley Grill is a leadership coach and consultant focusing on individual and leadership team development. Shirley was a Partner of Exetor through mid-year 2017. As a Partner Emeritus of the Exetor Group, she brings to Exetor’s clients more than 25 years of experience in leadership development and coaching, staffing and organizational design, employee relations, and policy development.  Shirley provides an understanding of both individual behaviors and organizational dynamics.

Prior to joining Exetor, Shirley founded Marlboro Park Consulting Group, providing leadership coaching and strategic human resources solutions for its clients and was a Partner at Whitehead Mann in the Leadership Development practice. Before entering consulting, she was Senior Vice President of Human Resources and Administrative Services at Atlantic Mutual Insurance Companies, where she created a systematic approach for identifying and developing talent. She designed and instituted peer coaching programs for high potential managers, a cross functional communications programs for technology and business leaders, and staffing and organizational design efforts that further reinforced the strategic focus of the corporation. Shirley also worked with Macy’s New York as a Corporate Trainer and Manager of Macy’s management training program.


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Jun. 09, 2021
4:00PM - 5:00PM
PR Council