Please join the PR Council and Women of the Council for wine and cheese as we continue the conversation started at ‘The View’ SHEQUALITY panel. We will be getting more specific, and detailed, when dealing with challenges and opportunities in the workplace for women in roundtable discussions, such as:

  1. Claiming Your Worth (aka, asking for a raise)
  2. Requesting Flexibility
  3. Being Heard When It’s Not Easy To Be
  4. Providing Tough Feedback
  5. Your Personal Brand
  6. Announcing Change

Join Heidi Hovland of DeVries, Sandra Fathi of Affect, Maureen Lippe of Lippe Taylor, Barri Rafferty of Ketchum, Barby Siegel of Zeno, Anne Green of CooperKatz and Dale Bornstein of M Booth as they navigate these discussions with the group.