Webinar Overview
Join our panel of communications experts as they discuss measurement standardization in public relations. They will explore how to leverage the gap between primary research and data. Today, public interest and ire are generated every day as result of news coverage. However, in a world that is increasingly connected and “smart,” PR metrics for media relations work – as important as that work is to shaping public opinions and agency revenue — continue to feel like something out of the dark ages. While advertising has made strides to introduce new measures that align with an evolving communications landscape, on the earned media side, circulation numbers and publisher site traffic data still reign as industry standards.  How can brands be sure attention for their stories is being earned when the dominant measures remain at the publication, versus the article, level?

Discussion questions include:

  • How do we balance research AND data?
  • How and why should we move “data” up the value chain?
  • Are the Barcelona Principles being adopted by PR agencies?
  • Are we ultimately measuring the right things?
  • Are we measuring the impact of the content only?  However are we not measuring if that content drove brand engagement?
  • Is brand engagement the most important of KPI?

Key takeaways include:

  • Our experts will analyze the balance of both research AND data.
  • Whenever you talk about data and analytics, everyone goes to the results.  You are missing the value of the research.
  • The use of social mining as an effective research tool
  • How to get to the right systems and process to yield the right data and analytics- that ultimately inform strategy.
  • There is no one measurement tool.  How do agencies show earned media results most effectively?
  • Everyone wants the results.  How to collect data in the form of research to actually inform about your campaign.