PR Council Welcomes Minority-Owned Firms

In 2019 the PR Council Awarded Fellowships to Chicago, Miami and New York-Based Agencies

The firms include: Boden (Miami, Florida), The Boreland Group, Inc. (New York City), Egami Group (New York City), Fetch Integrated Marketing Communications (Chicago, IL) and Flowers Communications Group (Chicago, IL).

The firms receive access to the PRC’s business-building, talent development, and networking initiatives and are encouraged to participate in the committees and communities whose work helps to further the agenda of the council and the industry.

“Representing the highest standards in the PR agency arena, these five organizations will make significant contributions not only as new Members of the PR Council, but to the industry,” said PRC President Kim Sample. “We’re confident that the firms’ leaders and teams will greatly benefit from their involvement with the PRC and our Members.”

These fellowships were extended in 2020 and new firms including ConCreates (New York), D&A Communications (San Francisco), LAGRANT Communications (Los Angeles), PRecise Communications (Atlanta), and Wilbron (Birmingham), were all added. The PR Council will be announcing additional fellowships in December, 2021.