Ron Sachs
Founder & CEO

Sachs Media Group is about breakthroughs, and about meeting high-stakes challenges successfully. Breaking through suggests overcoming barriers and obstacles, but it also means inverting — changing the way something is done. And at Sachs Media Group this change is reflected in how we approach relationships and hold them at the center of everything we do.

As the PR industry faces challenges on so many fronts — the rise of point-of-view journalism, the 24-hour news cycle, the millennial boom, and the global nature of business — SMG maintains its breakthrough capabilities in some unique and exciting ways.

SMG was born and raised in Florida, which has empowered us to develop and nurture deep relationships across the state and into national conversations. This has allowed us to be relevant across political parties, no matter who is in power. For our agency and our teams, the challenge is to work on meaningful issues and transcend the politics of those issues.

But our real advantage and the one that places us firmly on the breakthrough edge in the industry today is our relationships and our approach to the millennial boom. Agency leaders can often be heard talking about the talent war — how to attract and retain great young talent. This is truly a high-stakes challenge. At SMG we meet this challenge in part by inverting the expectation.

Prior generations of young people entering PR may have had to wait 10 or more years to be given meaningful roles on high-stakes projects, but we recognize that today’s young stars are not going to sit by and wait for those opportunities. We want our young stars to be challenged, and do challenging work, right away. And, we want them to see a path to leadership early in their careers.

The result is a collaborative environment with leadership distributed horizontally; seasoned pros working next to ambitious young people to deliver great outcomes for our clients.

Ultimately, our clients learn that they are getting the best of us every time we send a team in, and the relationships deepen, the work gets stronger, and everyone gets to share in the meaningful outcomes. This might not be the conventional wisdom, but it’s a breakthrough strategy for us, and that’s who we are as a modern agency, to our very core.

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