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Build a Stronger Workplace Culture in 2018

Rebecca Martin, VP, Culture & Talent at Beehive Strategic Communication

Numerous studies – along with basic common sense – say that a strong workplace culture creates high levels of employee engagement. High levels of employee engagement have a ripple effect on job satisfaction, productivity, creativity and longevity. All positive, right?

Yet, national employee engagement stats are dismal. Gallup’s 2017 State of the American Workplace indicates only 33% of employees were considered “engaged” in the last year. At the same time, companies with engaged employees outperform those without by three times (OC Tanner). And among businesses with highly engaged teams, profitability increased by 21%, sales productivity by 20% and output quality by 40% (Harvard Business School).

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Mitigating Proximity Bias for Flexible Working

Katherine Yustak, Partner and Director of Human Resources North America, Ketchum


Supporting workplace flexibility is a table stake in the modern workplace. If we in the agency world want to attract and retain the best talent, we have to create an environment where employees can navigate the many demands – both personal and professional – that come along with being connected 24/7.

Flexibility is not just for millennials, or for people in creative roles. Our workforce is made up of four generations of people at different points in their career and personal trajectories, in varying roles that all link up so we can deliver the best solutions to our clients.  Research shows that employees who have the ability to choose certain aspects of when, how, and where they work tend to be more committed to their organizations, and are more likely to produce higher quality work. Read more…


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