Do you CARE about your influencer program?

The idea of influencer marketing isn’t new – companies and brands have used a version of celebrity endorsements or spokespeople for years to connect to audiences on a personal level – but the tactics and the world of influencer marketing have evolved immensely with the advent of social media. Now, the average person can log on to Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and cultivate a following more loyal than any brand. Influencers can connect with and impact audiences more directly and effectively than traditional advertising/outreach, and brands need to know how to effectively connect with them to better reach their own target audiences.

So how do you get started? Our Influencer CARE Vetting Checklist, compiled by members from our Digital and Social Community, is a great resource to know the right questions to ask about your influencer program.


Is the influencer’s content on their social channels and blog relevant to your client, its products or services?

Does the content reflect the client’s company values? And is the tone aligned/ like-minded? Is it authentic?

Does the content aesthetic match the client/brand’s expectations? Is it professional/ high quality?

How often is content posted on channels?


Know the audience that brands/ clients want to reach.

Request a media kit from the influencer – is the demographic extremely niche, targeted and on point/ relevant with your brand’s audience? (note: sometimes relevant audience is more important & effective than reach)

Does the influencer have impressive following and reach?

Does it extend its reach using other social media sites?

Reputation & Recognition

Has the influencer garnered media attention or been awarded/recognized by other influencers or have any accolades of note?

Are there any red flags or additional online conversations/ buzz about the influencer? Google them!

Has the influencer worked with other brands successfully? Request case studies/ sample wrap reports. And make sure that there are no conflicting brands. Are the brands like-minded and reaching the same demographic as yours?


Is the amount of comments/ likes in relation to the amount of followers appropriate? (i.e. if there is a large audience but few comments that can be a red flag to “buying” likes)

What are followers saying in the comments? What is the tone? This can also be reflective of the audience demographic and who is engaging with the social content.

Is the influencer having conversations, and engaging with follower comments, or is the dialogue one-sided?

How many followers are returning vs. new?


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