We have derived significant value though our membership with the Council of Public Relations Firms. From professional development programming with world renowned thought leaders, to collaborative platforms that enable us to forge new business relationships and share industry best practices, the Council offers the opportunities and resources to help grow our business.

Bryan Harris, COO & Managing Partner, Taylor

The Council of PR Firms distinguishes itself within the industry because it focuses on the business of PR agencies. Its leadership programs have given our people actionable knowledge to meet the challenges they face as PR professionals working within an agency setting. This, in turn, helps them bring value and expertise to our clients. The Council is an incredible resource for all agencies – large or small.

Pat Ford, President & CEO, U.S., Burson-Marsteller

1. The head of a PR firm told me that his company once lost a potential client because the company wasn’t a member of the Council of PR Firms. If that doesn’t signify the Council’s value, I don’t know what does! (That firm has since joined the Council.)

2. My firm encountered its first “strategic sourcing” review with a major client around the time that the Council released its first benchmark survey of agency practices. We were able to demonstrate that our rates, profit margins and billing practices were in line with industry norms, which convinced the procurement officer to move forward with a contract. We’ve made both major and minor adjustments to our operations each year as that data is updated and delivered to members.

Lynn Casey, Chair and CEO, Padilla Speer Beardsley

The Council of PR Firms has done an excellent job in embracing and leading the fundamental change going on in our industry and helping shape its future. The organization plays an important role in helping agencies like ours benchmark our business, understands trends, and feel tapped into the PR world.

Jason Mandell, Co-founder and Owner, Launchsquad


The Council of PR Firms brings value to our agency on a daily basis.  Besides the wonderful business tools like the benchmarking study and RFP builder, the Council’s Find-a-Firm tool brings thousands of hits to our website every year.

David Fuscus, President & CEO, Xenophon Strategies


For Capstrat, we’ve gotten new business opportunities through the Council’s Find-A-Firm. In addition, the professional development for all areas of our employees and staff including our management has been a real benefit.

Karen Albritton, President, Capstrat


The Council of Public Relations gives management and leaders of PR firms an opportunity to examine all the issues that are critical to our livelihood and the continued thriving of our business.

John Seng, Founder, President and CEO, SPECTRUM