The rise of “fake news” and the public’s uncertainty over what news and information to trust has created a crisis for the nation’s civic life and institutions. Wide public acceptance of fact-based news is under threat. NLP is working hard to educate students and society as a whole about the importance of credible information in a democracy. Its checkology® virtual classroom is helping the next generation of Americans learn how to discern fact from fiction when it comes to news and information. Major entities like Facebook are also now partnering with NLP to bring its message and news literacy tools to a larger audience – and to address dramatic challenges on their own platforms.

As public relations professionals, we have an important role to play as transparency, authenticity and credibility are the bedrocks of our industry. We need the public to be able to discern credible news and information to do our jobs properly.

In 2018, the year of the 20th anniversary of the PR Council, as part of our celebration, we will support NLP and promote it as best as possible. Support looks like agencies engaging in one of four methods cited below. Those firms that engage in one or more of the activities can include the NLP logo on its website and in its internal/external communications, as well as will be called out and included in the promotional activity the PRC conducts to announce this overall collaboration. A proper toolkit will be provided to agency participants on the members only section of our website. Click here for more details. 

Agencies can support NLP through one of four ways:

  1. MEDIA RELATIONS – Secure four local or national stories about NLP
  2. HOST AN EVENT – Arrange for a local event to help fundraise for NLP
  3. DONATE $ –Provide a monetary donation to the cause
  4. TRAINING – Conduct an employee or client training about NLP’s mission

Agencies that engage also will be asked to participate in the soon-to-be announced “day of action” that will have a new tagline inspiring ACTION.


Renee Wilson
PR Council President