Dear PR Council Members,

As we know the marketplace is going through rapid transformation, and the war for talent has never been fiercer. Therefore, we’ve re-examined our annual compensation & benefits survey in partnership with members of our HR community. We reviewed various tools to measure compensation and benefits as comprehensively as possible, across a wider scope.

After much consideration, we will be making a switch and moving forward with MERCER for the annual PR Council (PRC) compensation and benefits report. The domestic data that your agency relies on will be gathered in the same way as it has been in the past, FREE OF CHARGE as it always has been as part of your PRC annual dues. However what is different and very exciting is that now agencies will have the option to purchase Mercer’s Global Marketing Survey (GMS) data at a reduced rate subsidized by the PRC. The GMS information includes compensation data from marketing, digital, advertising and other communication agencies, in addition to public relations agencies, giving you an excellent view of the broader mix.

If you would like to purchase the additional data to have a much more comprehensive look at the overall marketplace, it will cost $1,500, as part of the PRC community. If you do not choose to purchase this data, the PRC Member domestic compensation and benefits report that you have access to already, will continue to be FREE for participating members, with data available by zip code and city.

In addition, the results from the GMS will be distributed via the Mercer WIN functionality, which allows PRC members to create peer analyses, create custom views of the market and analyze data according to their needs.

The timeline is as follows: the questionnaire will be sent out in April, the data is due to Mercer on June 30 and the results will be published in November.

Moving forward, the PRC has agreed to purchase the PRC Member domestic compensation and benefits report every year for our members (as opposed to ‘every other year’ as in the past).

If agency members would like access to international data, they may purchase it each year on their own, through the Mercer GMS, priced per country. (The PRC does not purchase the international data – it would be at agency members’ own expense.)

We encourage our agencies to participate in the GMS survey to gather comprehensive compensation data across all communications industries. This tool will be invaluable as our members continue to evolve during this convergence in the marketplace. Representatives from MERCER will be at our upcoming HR community meeting in December to share more and answer any questions about this exciting development for us.


Renee Wilson
PR Council President