PR Council Agency-Ready Certificate

Calling all undergraduate students and new college graduates interested in agency careers

We need you! As you may be aware, PR agencies have had to cancel summer internship programs and pause on hiring new grads due to the impact of COVID-19. No one knows how long the situation will last, but we do know that new talent is the lifeblood of our agencies, so we want to get to know you and provide learning opportunities so that when this challenging time is over, we will know where to find you and you’ll be even more prepared

Please provide the below information to join our certificate program. You’ll be invited to participate in agency leader-led webinars on important areas including strategic planning, applying data, social media strategy, crisis communications, medical writing, etc. You’ll also benefit from instruction on important industry tech platforms and guidance on remote interviewing, resume writing, time management, and managing stress and anxiety. You can join inspirational chats with agency leaders, hear about day-to-day life in agencies from young employees and even take part in a virtual new business pitch.

We all cannot wait to meet you.

*Please note, we anticipate this program will launch the week of June 8th. As soon as the career site is up and running, we will let those who have registered here know about log-in procedure, etc.

*Please note, this program is free for all participants.


PR Council Agency Ready Certificate Form

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Agency-Ready Certificate? 

This is a program facilitated by the PR Council (PRC), open to college students and recent graduates.With many firms canceling summer internship programs and pausing on hiring entry-level talent due to the impact of COVID-19, the PRC wants to get to know this critically important group and keep them engaged in and excited about pursuing careers in the industry.  

The certificate program will require participation inlive and recorded webinars onimportant areas including strategic counsel, client service, persuasive writing, applying data,social mediastrategy, crisiscommunications,etc. Instruction on importanttech platforms utilized by agencies,as well as inspirational chats with agency leaders and entry-level talent, are also planned. Knowing that connectivity and networking have never been more important, a number of diverse leaders across the industry have come forward to volunteer to mentor small groups of young people.  


How does the Career Portal work? 

The portal is exclusively available for participating students to post their resumes Our Member agency recruitment teams will access the portal as they search for intern and entrylevel candidatesMember agencies will also be able to post job openings directly on the portal. 


What are the requirements to earn the certificate? 

While the program is still being refined, it is likely to require 24 hours of educational webinars and 6 hours of extra-curricular activities (such as online chats with CEOs specialists and entry-level talent). 


What is the PR Council? 

The PR Council (PRC) is the U.S. trade association representing 110 of the country’s top PR agencies. The organization’s mission is to help grow talent, revenue, profits and reputation for Member agencies, and the industry. The AgencyReady Certificate program delivers on our mandates to grow talent and reputation. 


Why is the PR Council doing this? 

We want to help young talent build their resumes, learn about the multitude of exciting and varied career opportunities available at agencies, and establish their professional networks during this challenging time. 


Who should participate? 

The program is for current college students and recent graduates, who want to become better prepared to work in a PR agency or simply learn more about the career opportunities PR agencies offer. 


Is there an application process? 

No, students simply need to indicate their interest by completing the online form. Once the career portal and program are up and running (planned for week of June 8), registered students will receive notification of portal and program sign-on instructions. 


How much does it cost? 

The program (portal and certificate program) is free. 


Who developed the curriculum? 

The country’s leading agencies are providing learning and development opportunities that they normally only provide to their employees. Additionally, other important industry partners such as AMEC and PRSA are providing content. Important technology platform providers are also sharing trainings and access. 


Are there assignments and/or tests? 

Participants will be given a few short exercises however no individual review or grades will be given due to the scale of the pilot program. 


If I’m unable to attend the live sessions, will my requirements still be fulfilled towards achieving my certificate if I only participate in the recorded sessions?

Equal credit will be given for live and recorded sessions. Our intention is to make it equally accessible for all.


Will I get college credits for earning the certificate? 

At this time, the program is not designed to provide college credit nor serve as an internship. This may be something we investigate in future years. 


How long has this certificate been in development?  

We initiated this effort in response to the economic impact of the COVID-19 crisis. Because the pilot program is a reaction to a fast-evolving situation, we expect there to be refinements and new offerings along the way. 


Where do register?  

Please register here, if you haven’t already done so. 


I registered but haven’t heard anything yet? 

You will start receiving communications about the program by Monday, May 11th, although the program will not kick off until June 8th 


When does the program start? When does it end? 

The program will start on the week of June 8th and will run for eight weeks.  


What days will the program take place? 

Live sessions will be offered on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 1:00 PM EDT.  Each session will then be available as a recording 24/7 in order to fit everyone’s schedule. 


What technology will be needed for students to participate? 

Students will just need a computer or smartphone. 


Is there a faculty component or opportunity related to the program? 

We currently do not have a faculty component other than asking educators to encourage their students to join. Faculty are welcome to listen in and, of course, feedback is always welcome. 


How many students can participate? 

We will accommodate as many students as have expressed interest.