We are excited to announce a new online education series from the PR Council.

Building off last year’s Critical Issues Forum, which explored our industry’s evolutionary path forward, we are calling this program the PR Council Project Genome MOOC  (Massive Online Open Curriculum). This will be a great opportunity for your people to learn skills, as well as an opportunity for your firm to share its own expertise.

Here’s How:

With help from the Board and led by our Chair, Chris Graves, we have identified four broad topic areas where our industry needs to learn new skills:

Content: Content planning; content creation; content marketing & distribution (earned, owned & paid); content measurement

Visual Narrative: Infographics; videos of all formats; photography; production; post-production; platforms; distribution

Social & Mobile: Social planning; social crisis; social stakeholder outreach; community management; social & content; measuring social effectiveness; mobile for PR; etc.

The New Sciences for PR: Brain & behavior; data & analytics; science of influence; measurement & effectiveness

Your Role

We are asking our members to lead the PR industry through this adaptation with great training sessions.

We are seeking proposals from firms on a Topic and Speaker(s) and potential time of year (month) you would like to deliver. You do not have to be the speaker. We are merely asking that you own the responsibility for one such webinar-style events, and that you find within your own agency and/or among your clients and contacts, the speakers and suggested topics.  Presenters must be content experts (or at least very proficient in topic area) with at least 5 years experience. The PR Council reserves the right to make final approvals for topics and related content.

Calendar: We have uploaded a calendar and overview on Google Drive so you can see what firms are already scheduled, and what their topics will be.


Audience:  Once we have a good calendar, we want you to encourage others to tune in.  We will market this to members, but also to a broader audience that includes clients and prospects. This could be an excellent way to scale up education and transformation of our industry, and to demonstrate the great thinking and work being done at PR Firms.

Format:  We will likely be using Google Hangout as primary platform. We want this to be interactive and social.   We can be flexible on format but want these to be targeted, focused, single-theme and brief. They can be PowerPoints, videos, or podcast style. We want them to be relatively fast-paced and fun, while clearly being educational. The freedom to bring in a speaker via phone means we can get a wide variety of top guests who might not otherwise make it. Think of NPR’s Radio Lab, or podcasts, or great radio interviews (with pictures).  We are hoping to ritualize these as a regular event, and we will record them and store the presentations for later review.

Taboos: You must pledge to NOT be: boring; irrelevant; self-promotional; too long-winded. But then again, you are great PR people, so we know you will make these great.

What to do now?

Consult with your teams; think about where you have a particular expertise. Get back to us with your topic idea, potential speaker(s) and dates.