Opening Remarks: HOW WE GOT HERE

Event Chair Chris Graves, Global CEO of Ogilvy Public Relations, gets things started as he examines the evolution of content marketing and the implications for both the media and public relations industries.

ALL STAR DEBATE: Content Frenzy – Holy Grail… or Spam-a-lot?

Featuring Lewis DVorkin, Chief Product Officer at Forbes Media; Eric Harris, EVP of Business Operations for Buzzfeed; Adi Ignatius, Editor-in-Chief for Harvard Business Review; Jeff Jarvis, Author of BuzzMachine; Raju Narisetti, SVP & Deputy Head of Strategy for News Corp; Amy Webb, Founder & CEO of Webbmedia Group.  Moderated by Chris Graves, this group of star panelists discuss the business implications of branded content and the effect it is having on the media landscape, and what it means to communications professionals and marketers.


Native Advertising – Devils Pact or Smart Business Why agencies derail native advertising


What’s the most useless

content metric?

The one metric that matters for

content marketing


Content & Ethics – The dangers of

being technically right

Everyone’s banking on native

advertising – there’s too much


Don’t be listicle sheep – Content is a ****** business We’re thinking too narrowly about content


Reducing content costs The only non-renewable

resource is time


Panel Discussion – Making Content: Buy, Rent, Hire or Build?

Moderator Aedhmaer Hynes, CEO of Text100, led a discussion with Michael Brenner, VP of Global Marketing & Content Strategy for SAP; Rebecca Lieb, Digital Advertising & Media Analyst for Altimeter Group; Shane Snow, Co-founder & CCO of; Anthony Surratt, Group Vice President at Time Warner Cable; Ben Wolin, Co-founder & CEO of Everyday Health.  Participants discussed the various methods, and the pros and cons, in which an organization can build compelling content.


We will always need storytellers Who owns content?


You can’t walk out of your building

without falling over

unemployed journalists

Using the magazine platform


Buildings don’t buy software Who are you outsourcing your

content to?


How do you create a viral video? Building content within

an organization


Punked, Parodied & Brandjacked: What we can learn from the masters of satire

Here is a conversation with Chris Bruss, President of Branded Content for Funny or Die, and Tony Hendra the writer and satirist who is best know for his role as manager Ian Faith in This Is Spinal Tap.  Moderated by Chris Graves, Bruss and Hendra share their comedy experiences and offer opinions on how companies can effectively use humor in branded content. Or not.


Laughter can change minds How would you fix the healtchare

website crisis?


Why cool guys don’t work

for comedy

What is Will Ferrell really like?