The Global Street Fight™ was developed by Gibbs & Soell as a thought-leadership platform to describe the current state of the global economy and the challenges facing today’s business, marketing and communications leaders as they compete for market share.  In light of this, chief executives face the dilemma of choosing the path to restore public confidence in their leadership abilities and strengthen their own reputations. Gibbs & Soell and Harris Poll, a leading global provider of information and insights to aid business decisions, teamed up to explore public perceptions of corporate leadership in today’s environment, focusing on the areas of boldness, innovation and trust. The Global Street Fight™ Study 2014 was co-developed by Steve Halsey, principal and managing director, business consulting, Gibbs & Soell, and Robert Fronk, senior vice president of reputation management and public affairs, Nielsen. The result is an insightful view of how the public sees the C-suite today. Americans are conflicted on whether CEOs should focus on successful risk management to ensure steady and consistent operations or bold, innovative leadership to drive business forward. Obtain the summary report, news release and supplemental materials here for the results of the 2014 Global Street Fight Study.