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G&S 2015 Sense & Sustainability® Study

Results of the 2015 G&S Sense & Sustainability® Study show that nearly two in five Americans (39 percent) question their basic understanding of scientific concepts. In addition, although environmental and CSR communications from companies taking part in Earth Day and other global movements are certainly on the rise, the study finds that 40 percent of Americans say they are not well informed about how businesses can operate responsibly. Yet, consumers do consider environmental and social causes when making brand choices, with more Americans saying human rights (41 percent) or wildlife protection (33 percent) are “very influential” on their decisions, in comparison to other issues including deforestation (25 percent) or climate change (24 percent). This is the sixth annual G&S survey of perspectives on corporate social responsibility and environmental stewardship among U.S. adults, conducted by Harris Poll on behalf of the firm. Obtain the summary report here for results of the 2015 G&S Sense & Sustainability Study.