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ChatGPT & PR Agencies

The hot topic of the year – or at least January – is ChatGPT. We’re inundated with information about its current uses and abuses, potential and shortcomings. The information missing is specifically how agencies are embracing it (or not) and advising clients. What are the ethical considerations for our industry today and how might they impact how we work in the future?

About the Experts:

Kevin Dulaney, EVP, Global Head of Technology, Hotwire Global

Gretchen Ramsey, EVP, WE Communications

Tejas Totade, Chief Technology Officer, Ruder Finn


Legal Considerations for ChatGPT

Launched just two months ago, ChatGPT has become the hot topic for agencies and we are inundated with information about its current uses and abuses, potential, and shortcomings. With Google’s launch of Bard and Microsoft’s new Bing search engine, the opportunities – and issues – surrounding generative AI in our industry will only grow. In our upcoming Agency Intel session, Davis+Gilbert attorneys will review legal issues presented by ChatGPT and other chatbot and generative AI applications, as well as share guidance on this rapidly evolving topic.

About the Experts:

Andrew Richman, Associate, Davis+Gilbert

Samanatha Rothaus, Partner, Davis+Gilbert