The International Gemological Institute (IGI) is the largest independent laboratory for testing and valuating diamonds and fine jewelry worldwide.

IGI New York charged French/West/Vaughan (FWV) with increasing its visibility in New York City through community relations efforts, which would strengthen IGI’s reputation and position the company as a good corporate “citizen.”


The core objective was to create positive awareness of IGI in New York City as evidenced by:

  • IGI consumer media placements as a result of the community campaign (non-jewelry related stories)
  • Positive trade media placements due to community outreach efforts


An opportunity was identified to donate funds to New York City in order to relight the City’s necklace lights on the Brooklyn, Williamsburg, Manhattan and Queensboro Bridges.

FWV worked closely with Mayor Bloomberg’s office to develop and implement a strategic plan, which would leverage the donation and ensure ample consumer and trade media coverage resulted.


News of IGI’s donation resulted in a total of 30 consumer media placements (6.5 million impressions).

  • All New York City newspapers and television stations covered the donation. Placements were also secured outside of the region with stories running in The Miami Herald and The Californian.
  • IGI received 11 positive trade media placements due to the donation. Headlines included “IGI Illuminates New York City” and “IGI Loves New York.”

Following the donation, the New York City Council presented IGI with a City Proclamation acknowledging the Institute. FWV leveraged this honor to secure additional trade media coverage for IGI.