2018 Workshops

Sorry Not Sorry
Women start their careers on par with their male counterparts but generally end them earlier having achieved less and earned less. Bias is baked into the system – even in the PR agency ecosystem which employs more women than men. In this session, Lee Caraher, PRC Board member and CEO of Double Forte, will lead us through the topic.

Lee Caraher, CEO, Double Forte – March 20th NYC (Completed)


 Aren’t We Done YET?
Why, with all the attention on the equal opportunity and the commitment of companies to do better, are we still encountering bias? More important, what can we do NOW to even the playing field for ourselves on the job?

Ann Barlow, President, Peppercomm
June 20, San Francisco | Register


The Power of Purpose 
Join Melissa Waggener Zorkin for a discussion about what it means to find and use your purpose to build a legacy you are proud of.

Melissa Waggener Zorkin, CEO, WE Communications
July 19, Seattle | Register


 Sorry Not Sorry 
Lee Caraher will cover habits that get in the way of making an impact, doing the work and not getting promoted and breaking through overt and unconscious bias in the workplace.

Lee Caraher, CEO, Double Forte 
August 1, San Francisco | Register


 Assertive Leadership 
PR people tend to be collaborative, but not assertive. And women tend to be less assertive than men. That’s a double whammy we need to fix. Discover and nurture your own brand of assertive leadership.

Ellen Ryan Mardiks, Vice Chair, Golin
October 4, Chicago | Register


Planning For Advancement  
Examine the lessons of 2018 (so far) and paint the trend picture for 2019. Workshop your own plan for 2019.

Lee Caraher, CEO, Double Forte 
Ann Barlow, President, Peppercomm 
November 1, San Francisco | Register


Stay tuned for our annual SHEQUALITY Roundtable session this November in New York City. 


2017 Workshops

Acing Operations & Financial Management
Virginia Devlin & panel – May 23 in Chicago
virginiaFinancial management and operations for rising female executives
Without the experience of managing a profit & loss statement (aka P&L), there is only so far one will go in the agency world. This workshop will introduce you to the language, levers and latitude needed to navigate this important financial management tool. It will jump start you to thinking about the needed skill set to manage the operations of an organization, and help you brainstorm how you can get that experience in your own company.



Women Interrupted – Owning & Navigating the Room
Dale Bornstein and Julie Hootkin – August 15 in NYC


Perception of women in leadership, personal branding and unconscious bias
We’ve come a long way baby, but there is still some work to do in ensuring female leaders come across in business as they want to, and intend to. This workshop will look at research around perception of female CEOs and organizational directors, and discuss the implications of the perceptions that may occur. Armed with that information, we will explore how to work the room for effectiveness. Don’t just introduce yourself; introduce your brand!

Chasing Your C-Suite Seat
Karen van Bergen and Barri Rafferty – November 2017 in New York

aaeaaqaaaaaaaak4aaaajdgyyzm3zjgzltm0yzmtngfmnc04ndeylwjmmjuyymvmntviyqtfjgbgyrThe path to the C-suite isn’t easy, especially for women, even though a recent Korn Ferry study showed that women possess more of the specific competencies organizations will require to be successful in a very different business future. What does it take to reach the C-suite today? When managing your career, how do you prepare to move up? What executive traits and skillsets should you develop? What kind of relationships should you foster along the way? This panel discussion and practical workshop will help you define your goals, identify traits needed for success, and inspire you to boldly chase your C-suite seat.

Chasing Big Little Truths & Lies: SHEQUALITY Roundtables
Heidi Hovland of DeVries, Sandra Fathi of Affect, Maureen Lippe of Lippe Taylor, Barri Rafferty of Ketchum, Barby Siegel of Zeno, Anne Green of CooperKatz and Dale Bornstein of M Booth – November 14th in NYC


Continuing the conversation started at ‘The View’ SHEQUALITY panel, we will be getting more specific, and detailed, when dealing with challenges and opportunities in the workplace for women in roundtable discussions, such as:

1. Claiming Your Worth (aka, asking for a raise)
2. Requesting Flexibility
3. Being Heard When It’s Not Easy To Be
4. Providing Tough Feedback
5. Your Personal Brand
6. Announcing Change

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