Please note, all studies are only available to member firms and is free for participants.

Business Benchmarking Survey

The PR Council’s Business Practices Benchmarking Survey is an unmatched source of comparative financial data for firms of all sizes and analyzes dozens of financial metrics to provide a view on the firm’s financial health and management performance. The survey presents key management metrics of public relations firms based on the fiscal year U.S. only operations and their respective financial returns. The data submitted by PR Council Member agencies is grouped by firm size and organized into sections addressing issues such as expectations of future revenue, as well as actual current year profitability, productivity, costs, client characteristics and other related detailed operating information.  Participating Members receive a free personalized report of their performance compared to agencies of similar size, as well as an overview of trends impacting agency profitability.

Compensation Survey

The PR Council’s Compensation Survey, the most comprehensive and accurate salary study in the industry, compiles salary and bonus data for more than 200 positions in integrated PR agencies. Members tell us this is one of the most valuable reports we produce, especially given the remote hiring trend of the past three years. Conducted annually, the study is searchable by firm size and geography. The data is published via a proprietary Power BI platform that allows users to customize views and download reports.

Labor Bill Rate Survey

The PR Council’s Labor Bill Rate survey provides participating members with hourly labor rates across more than 200 job titles. As fees for service, based on agency labor, remain the predominant form of compensation in our industry, this survey is carefully designed to provide reliable and statistically valid information on labor rates in use (versus on rate cards). Searchable by agency size and geography, the report also includes blended rates from participating agencies that use them.

Marketing and Communications Technology Benchmark Survey

The PR Council Marketing and Communications Technology Benchmark Survey is focused on communications technology being used or developed solely for client servicing. Questions focus on budgeting, platforms used, satisfaction with performance, and opportunities to monetize.