PR Council Firms Supporting Ukraine


We are all watching in horror as the Russian bombardment has caused nearly 3,000 civilian deaths, displaced more than 11 million Ukrainian people, and ruined cities across the country. To recognize our Member firms that are helping and to inspire others to take action, we are keeping a running list of the different ways our agencies are providing humanitarian support.  

It’s exciting to see firms large and small take action. Many are making donations, while others are using their PR savvy to contribute.  

“This is what we do – as colleagues, friends and as humans – and we get to use our talents and skills in PR and comms to make a difference.” 

– James Wright, Global CEO, Red Havas and Global Chairman, Havas Global PR Collective   


Please let us know what actions you or your agency is taking to provide support to Ukraine, and we’ll add them to the list. 


The Boreland Group is donating money to the International Rescue Committee. 


Clyde Group’s founder donated to an organization that sends aid to those affected in Ukraine. He also offered to match any staff donations made to organizations helping Ukrainians. For Mother’s Day, the firm is donating to an organization that is providing support to Ukrainian mothers. 


EGAMI Group has made donations to two organizations in Ukraine- Razom for Ukraine, an organization based in the US providing support on the ground across Ukraine, andShelter Friend, an animal shelter based in Dnipro, Ukraine, one of the country’s largest cities. This shelter has been around for many years but is now currently taking on the challenge of rescuing and sheltering hundreds of dogs and cats left behind as Ukrainians flee. 


Golin Group has teamed up to support a Ukrainian refugee transient population taking refuge in boarding houses owned by an employee in Romania. Many refugees arrive to the boarding houses sick, with worn shoes and clothes, after falling in the cold waters they cross to make it to the Romanian border. Since the outbreak of the war in Ukraine, North American and U.K. employees have banded together and shuttled boxes of aid to the refugees in need.  

With NYC and the UK as packing/consolidation hubs, friends in crisis have received shoes, socks, jackets, coats, pants, shirts, track suits, underwear, backpacks filled with supplies and food, diapers, baby wipes, feminine products, non-perishable food, dental products, medication, essential toiletries, toys and books, plus notes of love from Golin families and children. The firm will continue to support the refugees in need with follow up aid strategies as this identified pathway at the Ukrainian/Romanian border stays in place as a consistent, reliable and safe stopgap, given displaced women and children continue to pause here, then keep moving to find friends or family who can take them in permanently. 


LaunchSquad donated to several groups and will continue to do so. 


MSL is supporting an organization connected to their Ukrainian Publicis colleagues called the Ukrainian Witness Project. The project team is documenting what is happening on the ground for the world to see and MSL colleagues are helping to feed their content to media. They’ve now become a source for CNN and other news organizations. You can learn more and see the Ukrainian Witness Project’s footage here. MSL also is matching employee donations. 


PAN Communications contributed $5K to Nova Ukraine. In response to client questions, the team assembled and provided them with a vetted list of organizations to consider supporting with contributions. 


Peppercomm made two donations to charities that employees researched and selected for support. Having this employee-led was an important element for the firm. 


Praytell Agency is providing pro-bono services for Nova Ukraine.  


Red Havas mobilized in 24-48 hours on behalf of Havas PR colleagues in Ukraine. During a short, emergency call with colleagues on the ground in Ukraine on Wednesday, March 23, the team learned of an opportunity to support a very quickly organized live telethon and concert that took place on Sunday, March 27 globally to raise awareness in support of the people of Ukraine. A major broadcaster managed it and included global talent like Imagine Dragons, Sting, Fatboy Slim, Idina Menzel, and many others. The firm quickly hosted a global PR call with more than eighty colleagues from twenty Red Havas and Havas PR Global Collective agencies who they have mobilized to help to promote the telethon and hashtag – #StopWar – along with the assets that the teams created. It was enormously inspirational to see their global team mobilize with only a few hours’ notice to help colleagues in need. 

Residents of more than fifty major cities and capitals of the world join on the streets of major cities of all continents supporting the messages #StopWarInUkraine, #stoprussia, #NoFlyZoneUA, #CloseTheSky, #StandWithUkraine. As of March 29, more than 1.2 million EUR were collected to the bank account of the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine. In total, around 80 million people worldwide watched the live broadcast of the telethon.TV channels in some countries showed the telethon in re-run with their subtitles, which means that the fundraising is still ongoing. 


Saxum launched a program to match up to $500 per employee to any organization of their choice. The program will continue through the end of the year.  


Silverline Communications donated money to Razom and donated time to a ShelterBox media relations campaign for the not-for-profit’s Poland and Moldova efforts. Silverline has secured big international media coverage for the work the ShelterBox team is doing to provide shelters and survival kits to refugees at the borders.  


Tier One Partners donated to the International Red Cross to support their humanitarian efforts in Ukraine.  


Verge Scientific Communications made a corporate donation to an organization recommended by an employee who has family in Ukraine. 


Walker Sands donated to Project Hope through employee donations and a company match.