Although Pride Month is ending, we don’t want discussions around allyship with the LGBTQIA+ community and expanding our understanding of gender to fade into the background. 

We urge our industry to continue these crucial discussions that unpack the way gender intersects with our relationships, sense of self, and the work we do. 

As PR practitioners and storytellers, you have the unique opportunity to help shape a new narrative around gender, one that’s more inclusive, expansive, and full of possibility. You can help raise awareness among consumers, clients, and other key stakeholders of how the gender binary limits us all, how we ask for and normalize pronouns, and so many other crucial conversations that help us understand the needless gendering of everyday facets of life. 

You have the power to regularly tell stories and lessons through an empathic lens with an eye towards creating a future where all gender identities and expressions are celebrated, and where gendered constraints on how we navigate the world no longer exist. Because the limiting gender binary manifests in countless ways in our daily lives, our conversations around it cannot be limited to one month, or one moment, but instead a lens we habitually use to understand the world.  

Because we understand the importance (and challenges) of having regular conversations about gender, here are a few simple ways to keep the conversation going and create impact well after June: 

  1. Start at the personal level – We get it — Having nuanced conversations with others about gender identity, the binary, and how we present to the world is not easy or always comfortable. Knowing and discovering your own gender story is always a good starting point. 
  2. Share your pronouns – Sometimes the most impact can be made within our communities and workplaces. You can begin by regularly sharing your own pronouns (should you feel safe and comfortable doing so) when meeting new people and opening the floor for others to share their pronouns.
  3. Identify where you can make a local impact –  Eager to identify and dismantle the ways where gender has a harmful impact on our communities? Explore the different ways gender impacts public policy, and identify where you can help create change based on your passions. 
  4. Consider Hosting a Reimagine Gender training – Each of us has unique questions and needs when it comes to gender. It’s a complex topic, and one that requires ongoing education and discussion. If you’re looking to learn more in a safe space and talk about how the gender binary impacts your organization and clients specifically, Reimagine Gender would love to support you in your commitment. Reach out to to learn more about custom trainings.

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