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PR Council’s AI Webinar: Questions We Must Immediately Address

Originally published on CooperKatz December 6, 2017 I know why AI is a “buzzword.” If you’re in public relations and you drank every time you heard a client or colleague say “AI,” you’d be more than buzzed. Before 10:00 a.m. We participated in PR Council’s AI webinar, “AI: Friend or Foe.” Call it whatever you want but know this: […]

Announcing the PRC Next Board Members

In honor of our 20th anniversary, we are celebrating our past by looking to our future. Please join us in congratulating our first shadow board of next-generation leaders. Track their journey, goals and mission through #PRCNext.


Originally published on LinkedIn, May 9, 2016 Let’s think about what we as PR professionals do in a typical day. We read, analyze and answer email. We answer calls and make calls. We schedule meetings and then re-schedule them. We write press releases or pitches and we reach out to media. We monitor and analyze media […]

Announcing PRC Support of the News Literacy Project How Your Agency Can Help Combat Fake News

The rise of “fake news” and the public’s uncertainty over what news and information to trust has created a crisis for the nation’s civic life and institutions. Wide public acceptance of fact-based news is under threat. NLP is working hard to educate students and society as a whole about the importance of credible information in […]

Quarterly Update from Matt Harrington

In his fall update, Matt Harrington, PRC Chairman and Global Chief Operating Officer, Edelman shares observations on the industry from the recent International Women’s Forum.


“Strange fascination, fascinating me; Changes are taking the pace I’m going through…” David Bowie It may seem like I write a lot about changes in our industry; but in my role, I have the opportunity to see these changes happening every day and communicate them back to you. Last month, we conducted our second CMO Advisory […]

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