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PR Council Elects 2019 Board

Seven New Agency Leaders from Across the Country Join the Board The PR Council (PRC), the public relations industry’s agency trade association, announced today the election of seven new Directors, all CEOs/Principals of their firms. Representing various regions of the country, areas of expertise and agency sizes, each new Board Member will serve a three-year […]

Episode 39: Women Need to Brag More to Get What They Deserve (Feat. Dale Bornstein)

About the Episode Today we’re re-casting Dale Bornstein’s awesome episode from earlier this year. Dale shares so many stories from her own career about what works and what doesn’t and how to get past conscious and unconscious gender bias in the workplace.  We first recorded this episode on the International Day of the Women – […]

PRC Next Vlog Series: Overcome the 3 Barriers Planners Face at PR Agencies

Hear from PRC Next board member Melle Hock, Group Planning Director & SVP at Edelman as she explains the top 3 barriers that planners face when they try to “plan” at a PR Agency.

Episode 37: Woke at Work (Feat. Donna LaVoie)

About the Episode Megyn Kelly recently discovered just how quickly a few comments can radicalize people. Lee and Donna LaVoie share their thoughts on the backlash surrounding Ms. Kelly. Everyone has unconscious biases – don’t they? How can you discover your own? And more importantly how do change them once you know they exist. About […]

CorpSumers™ Seek Authenticity in the New ‘Brandscape’

Savvy consumers easily discern brand bravery from bravado In today’s volatile and polarizing environment, brands often find themselves in the crosshairs.  Whether a victim of an errant tweet or called to the carpet for a POV on any number of current events, CEO’s and their organizations are facing a new level of scrutiny.  Expectations of […]

Seven Common Mistakes Business Professionals Make on LinkedIn

(This post originally appeared as an article on Steve Bauer’s LinkedIn profile) Recently I worked with my PR industry colleagues to host an intimate “Fireside Chat” with Blair Decembrele, Director of Editorial Marketing and Consumer Communications at LinkedIn exclusively for members of the PR Council. More than 40 industry professionals from agencies of all sizes came together to discuss how […]

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