StarPower Impact: A Single Oprah Tweet Rallies Weight Watchers’ Shares

So what’s in a tweet? Just ask Weight Watchers. Entertainment powerhouse Oprah Winfrey tweeted a video last week in which she said she lost 26 pounds thanks to the firm’s weight loss program. Its stock skyrocketed, ending the day up 20% at $13.29 a share. Mind you, she also benefited dearly, as a 6.4-million company shareholder.

What this tells us though, is that a mere 140 characters (although best practice tells you the most effective tweets are under 90 characters) can have tremendous impact. Especially if it gets the “Oprah boost.” More.



Are you ready for the Fourth Industrial Revolution? Described as the fusion of technologies that blur the lines between the physical, digital, and biological spheres, it was the major focus of this year’s World Economic Forum at Davos. Ketchum's North American CEO, Barri Rafferty attended the Forum and today she shares her top six takeaways that she believes will impact communicators.


Key Digital Trends for 2016

2015 was another year of transformation in social and digital communications. There’s even more in store for 2016. Join us as Marshall Manson, CEO of Ogilvy PR UK, takes on an irreverent, practical journey through the key trends for the coming year.


Becoming a People Manager

In this workshop participants will build skills, gain perspective and be introduced to the practical techniques they need to transition into the important role of manager at a public relations firm.

Workshop participants should come ready to participate in group exercises, role-play, and facilitated discussion. Come ready to share experiences and build relationships with peer.

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2016 Harvard Leadership Program

Ashish-Nanda-IIM-Ahmedabad-Director[1]Since 2004 Council members have taken this crash course MBA, absorbing key lessons from Harvard Business School cases and applying them to their own firms. FEATURING: Before joining IIMA, Dr. Ashish Nanda was Robert Braucher Professor of Practice at Harvard Law School, where he taught in the JD program and was faculty director of Executive Education, faculty director of Case Development Initiative, and research director at Program on the Legal Profession. Nanda was at Harvard Law School for seven years. Before that, he was a Harvard Business School faculty member for 13 years, where he taught in MBA, DBA, and Executive Education courses. He continues to be affiliated with Harvard University as Robert Braucher Professor of Practice (on leave) at Harvard Law School and Harvard Business School Executive Education Fellow.


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