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What You Need to Know Five Years Before Exiting Your Agency

If an agency owner is in her 60s, whether it’s discussed openly or not, everyone is talking about what’s going to happen when she decides to retire. All of the agency’s employees are concerned about their future, their families, and their salaries. The agency owner is ready to transition to the next phase of life, […]

Twenty Years of Examining Trust

Edelman began the Trust Barometer studies in the wake of the “Battle for Seattle,” the riots concurrent with the World Trade Organization meetings held there in 1999. During those meetings, protests against globalization, inequality and environmental degradation became the big stories. The dynamic tension between the media trying to cover the riot and the conversation […]

Episode 14: Planning your Exit Strategy – Things to Consider Five Years Out with Alex Halbur of Prosper Group

About the episode: Selling the business is a goal for many independent agency owners. In this episode, Alex Halbur, Managing Partner at Prosper Group, an expert consultancy for PR and marketing communications agencies, shares advice on this topic. Alex works exclusively with independent agency owners to ensure their business generates the wealth they need for what’s next. […]

No More Excuses—D&I Needs to Happen

Why should we as an industry care about Diversity and Inclusion? Referring to the words of Heather Heyer, who was killed in the Charlottesville violence of 2017: “If you’re not outraged, you’re not paying attention.” Diversity and inclusion is both a moral imperative and a business imperative. It is about improving and transforming who we […]

Important Updates to Privacy Laws Require PR Firms to Take Action Now

The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), a comprehensive state privacy law that was passed and subsequently amended in 2018, is continuing to raise questions for businesses operating in California. The law becomes effective January 1, 2020, though it will not be enforced by the California Attorney General’s office until the earlier of six months after […]

AOF Episode 13: Trust – It’s What the World Needs Now with Matt Harrington of Edelman

About the episode: With news coverage about Bayer calling into question the most basic PR practices, trust has never been more critical for an “Agency of the Future.” In this episode, we explore what trust means in business, including rapidly changing consumer expectations, with Matt Harrington, Global COO of Edelman and former Chair of the PR Council. He […]

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