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AOF Episode 7: Kids, Life and a PR Career — How Do They All Fit Together? Feat. Greg Tarmin of Padilla

In this episode: Agency leaders need to ask themselves: How do we empower people to excel at their jobs while also allowing them to live the life that they want? In this episode, we hear from Greg Tarmin, EVP – Managing Director at Padilla, about how he managed to keep momentum in his career while […]

PR Council Chair Gail Heimann on What it Means to be a ‘Fearless Futurist’

This article originally appeared on PR Week.  Blink. You might have just missed THE NEXT BIG THING. A technology sweeping up gobs and gigs of data and in mere seconds belches out a full-on genius idea. An influencer with outsized sartorial gifts drives millions to buy a product that promises a perfect pout and a […]

AOF Episode 6: Measurement: Does it have to be so hard? Feat. Chuck Hemann of W2O

In this episode: We all know that solid data and analytics are critical to success, yet agencies and their clients struggle to know how to use them to measure marketing performance. In this episode, we speak with Chuck Hemann, Managing Director, Analytics/Head of Digital Analytics at W20 Group, about whether or not measuring the impact of earned […]

Why Profit Holds the Key to Healthy Client, Talent Relationships

Profit isn’t a dirty word. Pursuing profit doesn’t make you greedy. Managing profitability doesn’t make you a heartless bean counter. Clients and talent demand an agency with staying power, and the only way to deliver that is to run profitable agency-client relationships. But the way you achieve your desired level of profitability depends heavily on […]

AOF Episode 5: Demystifying Agency Profitability with Aaron Schoenherr

In this episode: What’s required to forge and grow profitable client relationships? Ultimately, your business philosophy — and its impact on company culture and client service — is the most critical factor, according to Aaron Schoenherr, co-founder of Greentarget.  In this episode, we talk with Aaron about how to build a culture around profitability. About […]

Bullish on Life Sciences, but Contract with Care

Running my PR/IR firm is a little bit like running a fund.  We have a basket of great clients that we serve, and our objective is to enhance their value in the eyes of their stakeholders. LaVoieHealthScience is a highly specialized firm that works predominantly in the life science and medical technology space, a fascinating, […]

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