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What is Empathy?

What is Empathy? I was raised in a home, and in a community, where the Golden Rule was important. Those good fundamentals helped set my personal values. Later in my career, as I tried to discern the connection between the people I admired in the workplace, I realized that it came down to empathy.  My […]

AOF Podcast Episode 10: Leading with Empathy feat. Tricia Ewald of ICF Next

 In this episode: Why do leaders need empathy today more than ever? In this episode, we speak with Tricia Ewald, Managing Partner at ICF Next, as she describes how leaders can bring empathy to a team or organization, why empathy at work means a balance between compassion and objectivity, and how to recruit for empathy. About Tricia: […]

The Power of Purpose

Corporations and their leaders used to be able to put their heads down and hide, but today, consumers, and not just millennials, are demanding that corporations take a stand. Shopping and living values has become a priority, and the expectation extends to business, as well. Growth Opportunities A talent shortage is driving companies to bake […]

AOF Podcast Episode 9: Using the power of purpose to inspire employees feat. Suzette Riley of C+C

 In this episode: Many of today’s agency leaders are thinking about the power of purpose, and specifically, how it works to engage and retain employees. C+C is no exception. In this episode, we speak with Suzette Riley, General Manager of C+C’s Portland office, about the talent issue in the PR industry and how engaging young […]

Bad Review, Great Response

We’ve all been there.  You’ve gotten negative feedback or a bad review from a client, and you’re terrified.  Are we going to get fired?  How can we save this relationship?  Can it be salvaged? How did we get here in the first place? It’s a terrible place to be with a client, and those are […]

AOF Episode 8: Creating a Great Response to a Bad Review, Feat. Kimberly Eberl of Motion

In this episode: If the mention of this topic gives you a stomachache, then you’re in the right place. In this episode, Kimberly Eberl, CEO of Motion talks about the techniques she employs to win back an unhappy client, including how to identify some of the early warning signs and what it means to demonstrate “nirvana listening” […]

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