In 2019, app-based rideshare and delivery drivers’ employment status came into question when the state of California passed Assembly Bill 5 to reclassify drivers as employees rather than independent contractors—a decision the majority of drivers opposed.

CLYDE built a communications program for the campaign with unique angles for each week to increase support for Prop 22 among voters as well as current and potential drivers. We leveraged surround sound media coverage to promote facts, economic data points, and the experiences of drivers themselves to demonstrate that Prop 22 would benefit app-based drivers’ earnings, California’s economy, and more. We placed the primary focus on app-based drivers who supported Yes on Prop 22, making them the face of the campaign.

Yes on Prop 22 won the election by an 18-point margin (59-41). This was a tremendous change in three months: in July 2020, the campaign conducted a ballot test that showed just 28% support for Yes on Prop 22 and 54% opposition.

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