Citrix needed to capitalize on urgency around remote and hybrid work, building awareness for its DaaS Solution — without polarizing customers on its older on-premises VDI tool. Through robust research on our target buyer’s vantage point and experience, we came to one horrifying conclusion: buying B2B technology is a battle, usually with painfully dense, dry and technical content to inform a highly complex purchase. We knew we would have to veer far from that type of marketing to catch attention in a noisy market, so we turned that insight (literally) into our creative idea.

We decided we wouldn’t just let these products, Citrix DaaS and VDI, speak for themselves in boring content marketing. We would have them rap, sing and dance too, in an epic battle.

So we unleashed the #DaaSJams social media campaign, featuring DJ DaaS, The Notorious VDI and a cast of supporting Citrix-branded characters. These musically inspired robots belted out about primary decision points for buyers in music videos across four genres (Rap Battle, New Wave, Motown and Ballad), each with custom lyrics and music. With fun social media copy and supported through highly targeted paid promotion (which was critical to reaching the right audience), it was unlike anything else in the industry. 

The 4-month campaign earned rave reviews, off-the-charts engagement and record-breaking traffic to product content on the site (with an average of 6 minutes and 9 seconds spent). A little (calculated) creative bravery went a long way. Campaign results included:  

  • 44M video views 
  • 11M clickthroughs to site 
  • 6.9M pageviews via campaign 
  • 85% avg. view rate 
  • 20% avg. CTR 

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