Diversity Conversation Toolkit

Diversity Conversation Toolkit: Simple Ways to Start a Conversation About Diversity

This toolkit offers organizations, companies, agencies and classrooms a means to start conversations about diversity. Diversity and inclusion are topics that must be discussed in the workplace and classroom, but starting those conversations can be difficult or uncomfortable.

The five activities in this toolkit allow you to choose the best activity or activities for your organization to use as a segue into conversation about diversity. They should prompt open, authentic dialogue between members of your organization.

Please note, this resource was created by a group of students from the University of Georgia and is a good resource for companies that are beginning their DE&I journey

Anti-Racism Training

Urgently Looking For Anti-Racism Training for Your Company? Start Here.

You can leverage this spreadsheet to find Black DEI consultants who are currently accepting new clients and are eager to work with you.”

Edelman Trust Barometer

2020 Edelman Trust Barometer – Special Report: Brands and Racial Justice in America

PR Council Webinar: Trust and Race

Led by Matthew Harrington, Global President & Chief Operating Officer and Trisch Smith, Global Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer, Edelman

In the wake of the brutal killings of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, among countless other Black Americans, and the subsequent protests and demonstrations across the country, a recent Edelman Trust Barometer flash poll found that Americans want brands to step up and play a central role in addressing systemic racism. This is a mandate for brands to act because consumers will exercise brand democracy with their dollars. Learn more about the findings of this survey and how it is being used to guide companies and organizations, as well as the benefits of Edelman’s long-term investment in the Trust Barometer.

PR Council Webinar: The Path Toward a Diverse and Inclusive Industry

PR Council Webinar: The Path Toward a Diverse and Inclusive Industry

Led by Bia Assevero, Account Supervisor, FleishmanHillard, Brian Ellner, EVP, Growth & Marketing, BCW Global, Sabrina Lynch, Senior Vice President, Taylor and Suresh Raj, Chief Business Development Officer, Vision7

This group of pros shares why agencies that embrace diversity are winning for their clients and employees. You’ll hear some frank talk about PR’s diversity and inclusion problem, why these leaders think now is the moment to fix it and what they are doing in their agencies and across the industry to drive significant change. Get ready to be inspired by this talented and passionate group.



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