All sessions will be held on Wednesdays from 12-12:45 p.m. ET.
This series is free for PRC Members.

This webinar series with Davis+Gilbert is designed for agency leaders and entrepreneurs eager to safeguard and enhance the value of their agencies. Across four sessions, industry experts will delve into contract management, agency valuation, talent retention strategies and navigating the evolving landscape of generative AI. Join us to gain invaluable insights and strategies to ensure your agency’s prosperity and resilience in a competitive market.

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Series Objectives: 

  • Equip agency leaders with the knowledge to increase their firm’s valuation. 
  • Provide actionable insights on drafting robust client contracts that ensure profitability and legal protection. 
  • Share innovative talent management strategies that align with agency growth and cultural values. 
  • Explore the implications of generative AI for agencies, focusing on harnessing opportunities and mitigating risks.
Series Sessions
March 27 - Securing Success: Mastering Client Contracts

Learn the art of crafting client contracts that protect your firm’s interests and foster long-term partnerships. This session will cover the critical elements every agency contract should include, such as scope of work, payment terms, intellectual property rights and termination clauses. Discover how to mitigate risks while maximizing value from your client engagements. 

Presenters: Michael Lasky, Samantha Rothaus 

June 12 - Understanding Agency Valuation: Foundations for Growth 

This session serves as an essential primer on agency valuation, offering a deep dive into the metrics, methodologies and market trends that determine your agency’s value. Legal experts will guide participants through understanding financial health, strategic positioning and how to leverage this knowledge for sustained growth and investment attractiveness. 

Presenters: Brad Schwartzberg, Michael Lasky 

September 11 - Attracting and Retaining Top Talent: Innovative Strategies for Agencies 

In an industry where talent is a key differentiator, this session focuses on cutting-edge agreements and compensation models to attract, motivate and retain high-performing employees. Explore progressive approaches to employee engagement, including equity options, performance incentives and career development paths that align with your agency’s growth objectives. 

Presenter: Brad Schwartzberg

October 23 - Generative AI in Agencies: Balancing Opportunities and Risks

As generative AI reshapes the creative landscape, this session addresses how agencies can embrace these technologies to drive innovation while managing ethical considerations and copyright risks. Learn about the potential of AI to enhance creativity, operational efficiency and client services, alongside strategies for integrating AI tools responsibly into your business model.

Presenters: Michael Lasky, Andrew Richman