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For AS/VP and up. Free for PRC Members.

This session will deliver pitch and presentation skills to help you win new clients and retain existing ones. With an approach that combines a framework for soft skills, informed by robust data and research, Michael Quinn helps teams build confidence and understand what drives challenging audiences. The session will concentrate on three key areas:

1. How to Read the Room (and Then What?)

    • Understanding non-verbal cues
    • Adapting strategies in real-time
    • Building rapport

2. Controlling Audience Engagement

    • Capturing attention
    • Incorporating interactive elements
    • Handling distractions

3. Momentum Killers (and How to Avoid Them)

    • Identifying common pitfalls
    • Maintaining pace and energy
    • Recovery techniques

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About the Speaker

Michael QuinnFounder, CEO & Executive Producer, Minor Nobles, Inc.

Michael Quinn brings over 30 years of experience in pitching and presenting large commercial creative projects to empower individuals to pitch and present within a team. He provides this through online support and offline workshops, with more information available at SellingCreativeWork.com.

Michael’s professional journey has spanned various roles in digital agencies, production companies and client-side positions. As the former co-founder and Managing Partner of CreativeFeed, an innovative PR, social media and design-led marketing agency, he brings a wealth of experience and perspective to his work.

Michael currently holds the position of US President and Account Lead at Stable by Elevation Barn, an international consultancy of senior experts. In this role, he collaborates with leaders of renowned brands such as FIFA, BlackRock and HughesNet.

Event Details
Mar. 26, 2024
12:00PM - 12:45PM