Beehive Strategic Communication

“The Council’s leadership and support has always been valuable to our agency – but it’s truly become invaluable over the last two years. At the front of the pandemic, the Council immediately added resources for agency leaders to access real-time information vital to operations, HR, DEI and services shifts. Our leadership team has consistently participated in CFO, HR and CEO communities. Thanks to the facilitation of PRC staff, agency leaders have been candid, encouraging and willing to share resources. The learning and development workshops and seminars have been relevant and valuable to members of our team at all levels.”

Lisa Hannum, President & CEO


“As an owner, PRC provides great resources to help me run my agency. From the benchmarking reports to staff training programs to insights into topics facing the industry, PR Council helps me get and stay ahead of important business issues. There is immense value in having PRC share this type of information rather than having to create it on my own.”

Julie Colehour, Partner

Carmichael Lynch Relate

“Carmichael Lynch Relate has benefitted in many ways from our long-time membership with the PRC. To name just a few: The professional development programs provide a great option for ongoing learning outside of agency training. They’ve provided beneficial DE&I resources and continue to push for progress. And recently, PRC was front and center providing information to address the rapidly evolving needs of agencies due to the pandemic. The compensation study is always a helpful tool as well. Overall a great resource.”

Julie Batliner, President & Managing Partner

Communiqué PR

“PR Council (PRC) has been a valuable partner to Communiqué PR over the years. Our firm has benefited from leadership discussions among other PRC members, the broad operational expertise of the community, as well as the trainings and expert speakers offered by PRC. It is reassuring to know we can rely on the PR Council for its expertise.”

Colleen Moffitt, Founding Partner

Crosby Marketing

“The PR Council is an incredible resource to connect with other agency leaders and explore best practices that are driving our industry forward. Things like the business benchmarking and compensation studies, as well as learning about innovative DE&I initiatives, are especially valuable. The Council is also a strong advocate for demonstrating the positive role and impact of our profession. I highly recommend being a member.“

Raymond Crosby, President & CEO


Current Global

“The PR Council is a critical industry organization that helps shape best practices and thought leadership within our profession. Agencies should take advantage of all the PRC has to offer – from resource communities for CFOs, HR professionals, and more, to skill-building webinars, to important advocacy initiatives like accessible communications.”

Virginia Devlin, CEO


“As CEO of a multicultural communication agency, the value received from PR Council Membership is priceless.  Among highlights include networking and problem solving with other agency CEOs to address business challenges in real-time. The council regularly hosts creative think tank forums for industry leaders to brainstorm solutions for our communications industry.   As a member, you will receive a wealth of knowledge and resources such as proprietary studies, leader small group sessions, DE&I support, and more to support you and your executive leadership team in being sharp business practitioners.  If you are an agency leader considering membership, I highly recommend PR Council Membership.”

Teneshia Jackson Warner, CEO

Evoke KYNE

“PRC membership continues to build value for our growing Evoke KYNE business and to many individuals within the agency.  Of particular value in recent years has been the rigor place on developing reports like the Compensation Survey and Labor Billing Rates – providing us with tangible benchmarks and references to support business decisions. Beyond that, the growing communities in DEI, HR, Social Media, have been effective at engaging and benefiting more of us throughout the organization.”   

Maryellen Royle, Partner



Fahlgren Mortine

“My agency has been an active member of the PR Council since 2008. During that time, the Council has provided unique information and programs geared specifically to the needs of my CFO, HR director, and emerging and executive leadership teams.  Most recently, the support and counsel we’ve received on our DEI initiatives have been invaluable. Personally, the opportunity to network with agency leaders and legends – especially when I served on the board of directors – has accelerated my personal growth and management capabilities. It brings out the competitive spirit as well to be as successful as my peers. We are a better agency as a result of our membership in the PRC.”

Neil Mortine, CEO



“The PR Council has quickly become an invaluable partner for Inkhouse – from sharing industry insights, to helping us advance DE&I efforts to providing a range of training opportunities for each one of our employees, regardless of level. Like us, the PR Council understands that what’s good for people is good for business and I’m grateful to have them in our corner.”

Beth Andrix Monaghan, CEO & Founder

JPA Health

“The PR Council has been a steady partner to us during unprecedented times. As JPA Health transformed from a small to mid-size agency, the PRC brought us resources to help us navigate these changes with ease. Further, during the early days of the global pandemic, the team at PRC was incredible of anticipating the needs of agencies and bringing us answers to countless questions.”

Carrie Jones, Principal


M Booth

“The power of a PRC membership is knowledge, driven by relationships with a wide spectrum of leaders who keep a pulse on the industry and candidly discuss challenges and opportunities to navigate our agencies and our community. The networking, Learning and Development programs and insightful industry research are invaluable.”

Dale Bornstein, CEO


“The PR Council is a wholly unique industry resource for agencies that delivers extraordinary value, especially over the past few years which have been among the most complicated in our lifetimes. For larger agencies, the Council provides safe spaces for leaders to engage in transparent conversations and the connection points that allow us to look at the world of PR, client excellence and team building from different perspectives. For smaller agencies, the Council is a fount of expertise, guidance and operational tools that support leaders in growth and development. It’s thrilling to think about our collective future and, as much as we compete, how we build it with strength and conviction together.”

Diana Littman, CEO



PAN Communications

“The PR Council is a fabulous resource with like-minded members who engage in valuable, transparent and honest conversation. The support that Kim & Andi provide is first-rate, and the Council has been a wonderful tool for PAN and me to understand how other agencies and CEOs are approaching challenges within their agency and the industry. Collectively, we learn together through forums, case studies and webinars that cover highly relevant and timely topics. I highly recommend becoming a member; this brilliant team knows their stuff and are helping move our industry forward!  My closest ‘pals’ in the PR&IM industry were made through PRC and it’s made a world of difference to me and the entire Executive Team at PAN.”

Philip Nardone, President & CEO


“The PR Council is a lighthouse for our industry. Fearless, steady, essential. I’m inherently skeptical of stuff like this, I admit it. But the incredible team serve up incredible value with alarming frequency. This is an indispensable resource. I don’t know how we’d have survived the pandemic w/o them. And I can’t wait to see how they influence the blue skies ahead.”

Andy Pray, Founder

Racepoint Global

“PRC is an invaluable resource for RPG. Peer groups and cohorts help us identify emerging best practices and approaches. Learning sessions keep our teams up to date on a range of issues key to our client work and to our agency culture. PRC data and insights give us what we need to ensure we live up to the promises we make our team members. Kim, Andi and the PRC team are responsive and always ready to help.” 

Bob Osmond, President

Red Havas

“We highly value the networking, information sharing and camaraderie we get from our membership of the PR Council.  The past 18 months has been a rollercoaster for everyone and to learn, share and work together as an industry has been critical in enabling us to come out of it stronger.  We also tap the training too, ensuring our team has access to further opportunities to grow, learn and develop. It’s a great investment.”

James Wright, Global Chairman

SourceCode Communications

“Community: As a small but fast growing agency, we’ve come to rely heavily on the network the PR Council provides. From the daily guidance and support structure we benefited from during COVID, to the highly valuable working groups where we can ask questions and get in-the-moment support and advice, the built-in community the PR Council provides has been instrumental in our growth.”

Rebecca Honeyman, Co-Founder & Managing Partner
Greg Mondshein, Co-Founder & Managing Partner

The Hoffman Agency

“The value that comes from a PR Council membership makes the decision a no brainer. Before going further, I should say that I wasn’t always a fan. But when new leadership took the Council’s reins, I saw a huge change in creating an offering that makes a genuine difference in our operation. The trainings alone justify membership, particularly the D&I curriculum which we’ve leveraged across our entire staff. I’m also appreciative of the Council’s ability to pivot when the pandemic hit, cultivating a community for agencies to help each other. It’s been – and continues to be – super useful to sanity check our thinking with others during these unchartered times.”

Lou Hoffman, CEO

Walker Sands

“Over the past few years we’ve had incredible growth as an agency. I attribute alot of the success that we’ve had as an agency to the connections and training that the PRC has offered. That invaluable knowledge has allowed us to stay ahead of major issues and get us help when we find ourselves in the midst of any challenge. I am incredibly grateful for all I’ve learned through this organization and encourage joining the PRC to any agency leadership team looking to grow!”

Mike Santoro, CEO

WE Communications

WE is proud to work with PR Council and support its ongoing programs. The PR Council helps to grow the reputation of our industry and bring new and diverse talent to public relations. It gives leaders from member agencies a place to connect and work together to take on the challenges we all face. The PR Council ensures we are all using the power of communications to make positive impacts in our industry and in the world.”

Kass Sells, Chief Operating Officer and President of International; PR Council Board Member


“Thank you, PRC team, for all of the leadership you and your team have shown our industry again this year. We are grateful to you for helping our firm continue to be better and stronger. We especially appreciated the Values workshops this year. They have inspired us and given us a new way of thinking about an issue we have struggled to wrap our arms around for many years.  The benchmarking surveys are critical to our work, and the networking with other firms also has been extremely helpful — especially when so many things are evolving throughout the pandemic. Knowing what other firms are facing and how they are dealing with these issues has provided significant inspiration for all of us.”

Sandy Harbrecht, President & CEO


“PR Council is essential. As a result of their timely content, and intentionality when it comes to connecting me to affinity networks, my membership experience has been rich. I’ve benefited from the deep knowledge they’ve exposed me to, and the friendships I’ve formed along the way.”

Brandon Wilson, President & CEO