Our Membership includes the country’s leading minority-owned firms. We encourage brands and our Member agencies to explore partnerships with these firms to meet their business goals—from delivering against a target audience to meeting supplier diversity goals.

Minority-Owned Firms
Black Digital Group (Washington, D.C.)

Mike Utaegbulam, Founder and Creative Director

Boden (Miami)

Natalie Boden, Founder & President

ConCreates (Los Angeles)

Vincent Bragg, Founder & CEO

D&A Communications (San Francisco)

Darolyn Davis, Founder, President & CEO

Egami Group (New York City)

Teneshia Jackson Warner, Founder & CEO

Flowers Communications Group (Chicago)

Jasmine Flowers Mazyck, Managing Director

KQ Communications (Memphis)

Renee Malone, Founder & President

LAGRANT Communications (Los Angeles)

Keisha Brown, President

PRecise Communications (Atlanta)

Alexis Davis Smith, Founder

Skai Blue Media  (Philadelphia)

Rakia Reynolds, Founder & Executive Officer

The Boreland Group Inc. (New York City)

Jennefer Witter, Founder & CEO

Wilbron (Birmingham)

Brandon Wilson, President & CEO

WORTHI (Los Angeles)

Myles Worthington, Founder & CEO