New York (May 3, 2021) – As the number of marketing technologies proliferates at a dizzying pace, the PR Council has partnered with CabinetM, a software company that marketing and sales teams use to build, manage and optimize their technology suites, to conduct the public relations industry’s first-ever Technology Stack Study.

The goal of the Stack Study is to provide PR Council member agencies with access to information on what other firms are using to manage and analyze their marketing efforts, acquire and engage with new and prospective customers, and collaborate and interact with their teams.  Almost 50% of the PR Council’s members – including global, mid-size, regional and specialty firms –participated in the study, using the CabinetM platform to capture their various technology tools by category in an easy-to-use visual “stack configurator.”  Using the CabinetM platform, participating agencies are able to look across silos of data and quickly generate reports in a variety of formats.

“Our goal for the CabinetM Stack Study is to help our members make more informed decisions about their technology use and spend,” said Kim Sample, President, PR Council. “By allowing agencies to benchmark against agencies similar to themselves, our industry-first technology study will help them more efficiently evaluate the universe of tech platforms available.”

Documenting the diversity of tools and tool combinations, the study has uncovered more than 500 software tools currently in use among participating agencies. Participants also rated each tool based on the value delivered.

“By leveraging CabinetM’s platform, the PR Council can provide its members with the high degree of transparency that was a critical component of this study,” said Sheryl Schultz, CabinetM President and COO. “The reports they are generating will save agencies time and money as they continue to build out their technology infrastructures. We were thrilled to be the enabling platform for a study of this importance and size.”


About PR Council
The PR Council is the only association dedicated to supporting agencies with public relations offerings.  PR Council Member agencies – 120+ of the country’s premier global, mid-size, regional and specialty firms — operate in the most sophisticated public relations market in the world, set the standard for excellence and share a common desire to build the world’s most successful agencies

About CabinetM
CabinetM helps modern marketing teams manage the technology they have and find the tools they need. The CabinetM marketing technology management platform enables full lifecycle support around technology discovery, qualification, implementation and management, providing critical visibility and leverage to save time, money and drive revenue.  The company has built the industry’s most comprehensive database of over 15,000 marketing tools, and currently has the largest set of marketing stack data as a result of hundreds of marketing stacks that have been built and are being managed on the platform. For additional information:; @cabinetm.


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