When alarming data showed that 20–50% of women don’t leave abusive relationships because of concern about a pet’s fate, Rover knew it had to step in. With only 3% of domestic violence shelters allowing pets, their work was cut out for them. Thankfully, survey data also showed that Rover sitters are passionate about helping domestic violence survivors escape their current situation. CLYDE saw an opportunity for Rover to throw love and support behind domestic violence survivors and to help them and their pets get out of violent situations.

CLYDE conducted research and networking to see which local domestic abuse shelters could use Rover’s partnership. After confirming partnerships with LifeWire and New Beginnings, Rover implemented a new pilot program in Seattle in the summer of 2019. Rover directly supported women leaving abusive situations by providing a safe place for their pets to stay while the owner is in emergency housing, free of charge.

The outpouring of support Rover felt from its community for this project was astonishing. More than 140 Rover sitters in the Seattle area alone signed up to be a part of this program in the first week to help provide a safe home for the animals of domestic violence survivors.

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