The silver lining of any crisis is the opportunity to deepen relationships with a client and be poised to grow the business when the crisis abates. It’s not as simple as bending over backwards to do anything and everything that the client requests during tough times. Instead, this one-hour webinar will help AS and VP levels (and up) change their mindsets from successfully managing the business to successfully growing the business.

Part disciplined sellers and part client whisperers, J. Mark Riggs and Britt Carter are principals at TPC Growth. Former agency leaders with proven track records in creating significant incremental growth, Mark and Britt will share lessons on taking care of clients during COVID-19 in ways that create opportunity for future growth.

TPC Growth exists to be the go-to resource for marketing/communications agencies to discover and reveal pathways to organic growth. They are changing the mindset of an industry from being RFP-obsessed, to being proactive, opportunistic and in-tune with existing client partners that view an agency as an investment in their own growth strategy.

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