What’s next in this crazy world of technology?  Bob Pearson, Chair, The Next Practices Group and CEO, The Bliss Group hosted a session about some of the technologies that will have a near-term impact on our agencies, clients, and society-at-large including media model transformation, AI, gamification, emerging forms of intelligence collection, and more.

Please reach out to PRCTeam@prcouncil.net for a copy of the presentation and see below for the recording.


Bob is Chair of The Next Practices Group, a network of founder-driven consulting firms that work together to advance innovation and develop the “next practice” in their respective fields to create an advantage for their clients.  The firms are centered in communications, marketing, public affairs and security.  All firms benefit from expertise in data science/analytics, PESO media, social purpose, intelligence, software and security solutions. Bob also serves as CEO of The Bliss Group, a leading communications firm and Chair of Next Solutions Group, a firm focused on cybersecurity and public affairs. He has played a key role in building two media firms that are ranked in the top 50 worldwide (GCI Health and Real Chemistry), he led the creation of the Fortune 500’s first global social media function at Dell and he has served as a global leader in communications at Rhone-Poulenc Rorer (now Sanofi) and Novartis, as well as Dell. He has written four books based on his experience in the public and private sectors.  Two relate to digital media innovation (PreCommerce and Storytizing), one focuses on how to build powerful narratives (Crafting Persuasion) and the fourth reflects on how to combat bad actors (Countering Hate).  Bob is currently writing a new book centered on the world of consulting that will be available in 2023. Since teaching is often the best way to learn what’s next and reinforce what works today, Bob designs and teaches new classes as an adjunct professor at The University of Texas McCombs School (new digital media models, persuasive selling) and as a lecturer for the U.S. Government with a focus on combating disinformation and extremism. He is an investor and advisor for media software and AI companies that are reinventing how we advertise, how we reach our audience and how we unlock content.  In his spare time, he helps lead a new music series in Austin called 70 Rock that features local artists throughout the year. Bob resides in Austin, Texas with his wife, Donna.