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Communications leaders face big questions about the future of AI. The PR Council’s new learning series, “What’s Next is Now,” aims to help provide answers to these questions by featuring expert talks about all things AI—the opportunities, disruptions, use (and misuse) cases, ethics and more.

Join us for the kick-off session with Chris Perry, Chairman, Futures at Weber Shandwick, and author of the just-released book, Perspective Agents. In it, Chris presents a new way of thinking about a future shaped by AI. And, more importantly, why a perspective shift is needed for leaders in all walks of life, but especially in communications.

Chris’s book isn’t a finite composition of rules or explicit answers to hard questions. Instead, he explores ways to better make sense of the structural change in progress and unthinkable events it causes. After several years of in-depth research and discussion with a variety of leaders, he advocates for widening our lens to discover order behind the disorder AI technologies can create. To do so we need to think about implications of the shift as much as application of new tools. During the session, he’ll share more on how communicators can recalibrate their thinking to find the right actions for themselves and their clients.

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About the Speaker

Chris PerryChairman, Futures, Weber Shandwick

Chris Perry is Chairman of Weber Shandwick Futures. He is responsible for the firm’s media lab, a unit that blends technology, cultural research, and new service development. Innovations from the lab reshape how organizations respond to cultural changes and communicate in complex environments.

With 30 years at the forefront of media design, Perry works with Fortune 500 companies to implement cutting-edge intelligence and creative campaigns aimed at reducing risks and stimulating growth.

His team introduced the industry’s first AI Accelerator that helps leaders incorporate generative AI into corporate strategy, brand and communications operations.

Perry’s insights and contributions are recognized in leading business and strategy publications, including Fortune, The New York Times, The Washington Post, and Strategy + Business.

His first book, Perspective Agents: A Human Guide to the Autonomous Age, will be published by Fast Company Press in January 2024. Perry also shares insights on the changing nature of culture and communication on Substack

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Jan. 16, 2024
12:00PM - 12:30PM